50 Shades of Black Creative Director and Producer Carlton Mackey and his son

50 Shades of Black Creative Director and Producer Carlton Mackey and his son

I am raising a biracial son. I watch him daily engage in the world with little fear and with bold curiosity. He trusts me. He believes the things that I tell him and assumes that I know the answers to every question that he asks. But sometimes I won't have all the answers. As any young person of any ethnicity or any sexual orientation struggles to understand themselves and the world around them, one day he will grapple with what it means to be...him.

50 Shades of BLACK

 will be there for him as a resource. It is a collection of stories of real people (like you) from around the world who in your own voices share stories of beauty and pain... of struggle and liberation. Maybe from your personal narratives he will be able to better understand his own. Maybe in the act of remembering and retelling your own story you will begin the process of healing...maybe you will experience your first taste of liberation. I believe that your courage in sharing gives permission to others to begin a journey of healing and liberation for themselves.

Maybe him having 50 shades of black along with the wisdom and nurturing of his grandparents, healthy expressions of love and positive examples set by his parents, a group of friends who look like him and many who don't, and the presence, protection, and power of the village, he will grow up fortified with the knowledge of and pride in his multiple heritages, a healthy understanding of the complexities of identity in general, and the eyes to not only recognize but to celebrate the distinct, unique identities of others. -signed Carlton Mackey

THIS IS THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE FOREWORD TO THE BOOK 50 SHADES OF BLACK VOLUME I - a collection of stories and artwork 25+ other wonderful people.


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