Now that's the Power of LOVE

I'm very proud to introduce you to Earthcandy and the lovely spirit behind it, Jamila Crawford.  I had the great fortune of meeting Jamila at a dinner (that she prepared) and meeting of the artistic minds several weeks ago.  It was clear from being around her that within her were great depths.  Her seemingly quiet demeanor proved to be the reservoir for deep insight matched with an uncanny spirit of exploration, humility matched with a vigorous passion for healthy eating, living, and being.

One of the proposed chapters of 50 SHADES OF BLACK will be titled BLACK US Reflections on couples, love, sex, and the law of attraction.  The title is inspired by a piece af art by T.T. Coles, a photographer and another creative soul that I met at the same dinner.  The artwork of T.T. Coles will later be presented as the artwork for the aforementioned chapter.

In the full spirit of the 50 SHADES project, this chapter is (as proposed) to not only be center around the ongoing conversation about our ever-evolving understanding of blackness but also about our understanding of "attractiveness", the way we act upon it, and the love/sex we make as a result.

This Episode of Earthcandy fits perfectly as I begin to explore this topic, collect your comments, and prepare for this chapter.  Enjoy and be sure to check out more from these artists/future collaborators.

---Episode 8 of Earthcandy* is all about "love". Host Jamila Crawford celebrates iconic couple Khnum Ibomu (aka Stic.Man of the acclaimed hip hop group Dead Prez) and his wife Afya. After a relationship that spans more than 19 years, their love is as strong as ever. Jamila interviews the lovely couple as she styles them for their cover photoshoot for Naptural Roots Magazine.

Posted on July 3, 2012 and filed under blog.