Lolo Jones - Wounded Warrior, Broken Hearted Beauty, Public Personality

In our previous post, Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones: "Sex Kitten, Virgin for Sale", or Smart/Chaste Business Woman, we told you about the New York Times journalist who seemed to take Lolo's personal decisions and business ventures say the least.  As one could imagine, these comments made their way to Lolo's ear and, whether she wanted them to or not, crept into her heart.  Both on Twitter and in this interview on TODAY she expressed these feelings as openly as she has everything else.

@lolojones  Lolo Jones...In room Singing Desert song by Hillsong. Its on repeat. Lord Jesus please comfort me , guide me & heal my broken heart.August 7, 2012 10:33 pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry Reply Retweet Favorite

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To build on Lolo's inquiry, what IS there to learn about the cost of beauty, the burden of success, the consequence of fame, and the complexity of identity?

-Carlton Mackey