50 SHADES DARKER - Women of Color Reclaiming the Beauty of Darkness

50 SHADES DARKER Women of Color Reclaiming the Beauty of Darkness

My latest design is a continuation of the concept and design 50 SHADES OF BLACK which was originally posted on Tumblr in May 2012.  After over 1000 reblogs, much welcome engagement, and critical input/feedback surrounding the original design, this site www.50shadesofblack.com was developed as a platform for discussion with the objectives of celebrating beauty, critically examining issues surrounding race/skin tone and fostering a healthy formation of black identity.

The project now encompasses the website itself, blog, original video productions, magazine and radio features, and an upcoming ebook comprised of the contributions of people just like you who have taken the time to engage with the project.  I can't thank you enough.

As with every other component of this project, I welcome all feedback, input, and inquiries.  Use form below or email me directly at submissions[at]50shadesofblack[dot]com

Please visit http://www.50shadesofblack.com to engage.

NOTE: My goal is to offer credit to EVERY model and EVERY photographer used in the creation of this design.  I want to create a directory on 50shadesofblack.com for this piece that links back to all of the photographers and models.  Please email me submissions[at]50shadesofblack[dot]com or leave a reply if you are one such model, photographer, or have any info.  If you wish to be removed from this design, let me know as well.

-Carlton Mackey

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