It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Christine Fleury, the woman behind the spoken word piece "Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl" and the inspiration for the first of a series of 50 SHADES OF BLACK exclusive videos.  When my video production assistant and in this case co-producer Christopher Rhodes and I were discussing concepts for a video treatment, he suggested we work with Christine.  I'm so glad he did.  Within five minutes of filming, I knew that this piece was going to be powerful.  A current law student, Christine read for class in between takes.  Her presence was casual and amenable to our ideas...yet she exuded extreme confidence.  There was a truth to her poetry and delivery that went beyond the words themselves.  She brought us and hopefully you the viewer in her reality and then helped us see into our own.  We are so grateful.

I am a New York native of Haitian descent. Art consumes my world and is the reason I know God exists. To see the beauty and grace of an Alvin Ailey dancer, the characters in a Keith Haring mural, the darkness in a Van Gogh, the craftsmanship of Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, and lyricism in Jay-Z's delivery gives me an inexplicable joy. I have been dancing since I was 3, dabble here and there in poetry, currently attempting to make my own clothes and jewelry, and music has been engrained in my soul since birth. I live for art and I hope to make a living from art. I am a current law student at Georgia State University College of Law interested in entertainment law. I want to be able to protect those who give art to the world.

I recently started a blog on wordpress. Its not much, but I hope it grows and I will definitely share my love of art on there. Thanks for all the feedback on the video/my poem "Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl". It is every person's dream to have their talents recognized and for that I am forever thankful. Special thanks to Carlton Mackey for allowing me to be a part of this and to Christopher Rhodes for remembering me!

Spoken Word/Model:  Christine Fleury Photos by:  Carlton Mackey Video: Carlton Mackey and Christopher Rhodes, Jr.