Photos of Boris Kodjoe in Atlanta..."BOOM!"

Boris Kodjoe in Atlanta, GA Guess who I ran into this weekend?

On an assignment documenting my friend, inspirational athlete and activist, Jonathan Prince as he promoted Ortholite Insoles and his Runners Exchange Brand, I saw 50 SHADES OF BLACK cover man, Boris Kodjoe.

Surprisingly, I almost walked right by the 6 foot plus brother.  It wasn't him that I noticed first.  It was actually the look on a young woman's face that let me know that whoever was at the other end of her gaze was somebody that she wouldn't mind, let's just say, talking a long walk with.  He was quite laid back, and quite amenable to me snapping a couple photos.  For that I'm most grateful...though probably not as much as the woman who sounded the alarm of his presence.

He was there to promote the 2012 Ford Engines with "BOOM!"  Ecoboost.  (Watch the commercial below, and you'll get it).

Stay Tuned for more images of folks you might recognize.  In the meantime, join the conversation.

Share your thoughts as we continue to use as a platform to celebrate beauty (thanks Boris), to critically examine race/skin tone, and to explore the shaping of black identity (around the world).


Posted on September 17, 2012 and filed under blog.