Khess Petch vs. Ñuul Kukk (All White vs. Pitch Black)

I read this article today in the Guardian, and want to share information about this movement started in Senegal.  Read excerpt from article below and be sure to visit Nuul Kuuk's website and Facebook Page

But when new adverts for skin cream Khess Petch – a skin-lightening cream whose name means "all white" – appeared in Senegal, they had the exact opposite effect. The ads, which boasts extreme skin-whitening after 15 days, complete with dramatic before and after shots, provoked mass public outrage and calls for the government to introduce an industry-wide ban.

"We are used to seeing adverts for skin-lightening, but when we first saw these adverts for Khess Petch we were really scandalised. We decided to act," said Aisha Deme, manager of an online events website in the Senegalese capital, Dakar.

"Society is constantly telling us that fair-skinned women are beautiful – in the media, on TV – and Senegalese women have started to believe it," Deme added. "So we want to show that dark-skinned women are really beautiful, and that natural black skin should be celebrated."

Deme is co-ordinating a campaign called Ñuul Kukk – which means "pitch black" in local language Wolof – and has attracted thousands of supporters on Facebook and high-profile friends, including the actor Awa Sene Sarr and rapper Awadi.

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