Multicultural, Mixed, Bi-Racial: I Just Say Black and Proud

I am from a multi cultural background. My mother was black and white mixed and had very fair skin. My father was black and both of them were born in New York City as was I (Harlem). I have always dated black women and am married to one for 12 years. I had one white girlfriend in 10th grade and when her mother came home and found me and her daughter sitting on the couch she pulled her daughter into the bedroom for a private chat.This made me uncomfortable and I never had/presumed a white girlfriend since. I can relate very much to people such as President Obama, Lonette Mckee (in particular her Jungle Fever character).

I don't bother to call myself mixed or multi ethnic or bi racial I just say Black and am proud of it. I am more comfortable living in an all black neighborhood than I would be living in an all white one(comfort and safety issues). I do embrace soul music as well as rock and roll however, I also enjoy all ethnicities of food and want to see Europe as well as Africa. It has always been my opinion that people are way to preoccupied with skin color/class etc. The focus should be on furthering ones self in education staying health conscious and trying to grow spiritually. I am a stand up comedian for 20 years and an actor for seven and counting. I would love to own a brownstone in Harlem close to Convent Ave Baptist those houses and that neighborhood. I love children and traveling. I am 50 years old and want to spend the rest of my life staying goal oriented health conscious and never forgetting the thing that means so much to me.....Family.

-Adam Phillips


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