Ashley Murphy, Ebony Williams and Misty Copeland are BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE

 June/July cover of Pointe Magazine

 June/July cover of Pointe Magazine

Congratulations to each of the beautiful women who grace the cover of the latest issue of Point Magazine.  When we saw the cover, we were reminded of our signature campaign, BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE.

BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE (TM) is the signature, global empowerment campaign of 50 Shades of Black.

We believe in the beauty found in every human being.

Our goal through this campaign is to offer everyday people a chance to see themselves in a way that many of them never have before.  Through this, we hope to connect with local communities in meaningful ways and to promote a positive and healthy sense of self-image and worth.

We've hosted 5 BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE Open Photo Shoots across the country and would love to "capture the beauty" in your community.

CONTACT US to inquire.


Posted on May 3, 2014 and filed under Body Image, skin tone.