Get your "Beautiful Shirt"  HERE

Get your "Beautiful Shirt" HERE

I just received another batch of photos from an emerging photographer who blessed us with her presence at our Inaugural 50 Shades of Black Open Shoot hosted by Ross Oscar Knight in Atlanta.  Jovonna Jones initially invited me to speak at the Black History Month Gala hosted by the Emory University Black Student Caucus.  I presented on 50 Shades of Black and was reminded of the talent embodied by so many of the young people I have the pleasure of engaging with on a daily basis on campus.

I didn't really know about Jovanna's skills with the camera until recently.  I'm glad she put them to use on our behalf last Sunday.  I can't thank her enough and can't thank everyone who came out and showed love.

We are about to embark on an entirely new journey beginning next week.  Announcement coming soon.  We're going to need that support more than ever.  I know that together we can accomplish great things.  Let's build something...together.

beautiful in every shade.jpg