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50 Shades of BLACK | Rwanda:

50 Shades International Liaison, Ross Oscar Knight, traveled to Rwanda this February to teach a photography workshop to a group of 30 students. He's been planning this trip for the better part of two years. "I'm so honored to have been provided the opportunity to not only teach students there, but to learn from them as well. It was fascinating to see the students eyes and minds light up with curiosity and courage," says Knight. He also spent some time engaging with the community and conducting field research about how skin tone and sexual orientation are perceived and offering the message of our global BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE Campaign. This image of a young man was taken in Northern Kigali.

Stay tuned to see and hear more stories from Ross Oscar Knight reporting from around the world.

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Posted on March 1, 2014 and filed under africa, education, Identity, skin tone, travel.