Biracial is more than Black & White


We had the pleasure of meeting Jovonna Joskdiesel Rodriguez at our 3rd Open Photo Shoot at the Decatur Book Festival (as part of art|DBF, an art and culture showcase within the festival).  She along with over 100 other people were photographed by a team of photographers from across the city who partnered with 50 Shades of Black for the special event.

Since then, Jovonna has been a strong supporter of 50 Shades of Black and engages regularly on our Facebook Page .  Recently she shared a link with us to a deeply engaging, critical, and nuanced article titled Coming Out as Biracial by Stephanie Georgopulos.  We began to exchange back and forth and ultimately Jovonna generously offered these affirming words about 50 Shades of Black.  We are sharing them with you today with her permission.  We are so grateful today for Jovonna.

We are so grateful for you as well.  Share with us your thoughts, critiques, stories.  We'd love to feature them on one of our many platforms for affirming beauty and exploring sexuality and skin tone in the formation of identity.

Posted on November 1, 2013 and filed under community, education, personal stories, race, skin tone.