A KrystaNalis Vlog: Carlton's Questionnaire

Hey, 50 Shaders! This is a re-post of a video blog I did featuring questions Carlton asked me to help me get inspired to write! I decided to stop being lazy and edit the video to include the photos I discussed in the original. I attempted also to shorten it a bit because it IS about 20 minutes long...I was able to take off two minutes! :p

Viewing it again, I noticed a couple of points that I felt needed more clarification. Particularly where I discuss the relationship between my skin tone and my potential for "success" in the entertainment industry. I was going to write about it here but then I remembered that we have a COFFEE TABLE BOOK coming out soon and my perspective on this subject is discussed more in depth within its pages. So stay tuned! ;)

What I AM going to attempt to tackle over the next couple of days is the question on sexuality, specifically my sexuality and the expression of it within the confines of Christian doctrine. That should be interesting. Watch this space.

And watch this video! Peace and love,


Posted on April 28, 2013 .