Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl: Revisited

hatian_new york_christine_model.jpg

It's been about a year ago now since we first released this 50 Shades of Black original production called Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl.  

So much has happened since that time.  We've released our free ebook on the iTunes Bookstore, we've published and released our coffee table book, Dark Girls premiered on OWN, and one of our dearest/distinguished supporters ( and the person who penned the opening chapter of our coffee table book) Dr. Yaba Blay announced the launch of her newest effort called Pretty. Period. on her new press BLACKprint.

Today we revisit it. ..and celebrate all of these efforts to build, affirm, grow, critically engage.

Posted on August 7, 2013 and filed under art, film, music, skin tone.