Fahamu Pecou Mic Checks as Guest Editor of Hip Hop Edition Art Papers Magazine

Mic check, 1-2, 1-2 ...

Welcome to the Art x Hip-Hop issue of ART PAPERS.

As with my own work, this issue is dedicated to investigating hip-hop and contemporary art—not as isolated encounters, but rather where they intersect, how they complement and enhance each other, and, ultimately, how in conversation they act to transgress the status quo.
— Fahamu Pecou

...and with that 50 Shades of Black featured artist Fahamu Pecou blows the dust off his vinyl records as guest editor of Atlanta based Art Papers Magazine.  ART PAPERS, the independent critical voice covering contemporary art and culture in the world today, isn't particularly known for deeply engaging hip hop as an art form or particularly the hip hop community at large.  Pecou, a hip-hop aficionado of sorts known at 50 Shades of Black for his work challenging stereotypes of black masculinity is about to change all of that and add yet another feather (or rather fleur de lis) in his hat to anyone who questioned previously whether he was the shit.  

With contributions like those below ranging from reflections on Banksy to Basquiat...from Marcia Jones to Jay-Z, you know you're in for something real special.  Go get it.  >> ART PAPERS (Jan/Feb 2014): Art x Hip Hop | Edited by Fahamu Pecou

In the Jan/Feb 2014 issue:

The Devil Is a Liar: The Diasporic Trickster Tales of Jean-Michel Basquiat & Kendrick Lamar

Neither Queer nor There: 
Categories, Assemblages, and Transformations

Beyond the Abyss: Neo-Hip-Hop Cultural Expression

Interview with Charlie Ahearn

Picasso Baby: Hip-Hop and the Appropriation of Space

On the Production of Value:
Mohamed Bourouissa's All-In

Artist Projects: DJ Adrian Loving, Marcia Jones, Rob Pruitt and Bayeté Ross Smith

Reviews: Art Beat + Lyrics, Atlanta; Wangechi Mutu, Brooklyn; Loretta Fahrenholz, New York; Banksy, New York; Odd Future + Henry Darger

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