22 years and 4.7 months (8178 days)

In four days it'll be 9 months since I've embraced my mother.    

In four days it'll be 9 months since I've embraced my mother.


22 years and 4.7 months (8178 days). That’s how much time my mother had logged on Earth when I was born two months premature, two and a half pounds, with a hole in my heart and a host of other complications at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica on July 16th, 1989 at 6:22 pm.

Menelik Tarik Mommy.jpg

I give thanks to God everyday for my “Mommy” --AKA Stacey/Stace (what I call her)-- and the sacrifices she has made to give my brothers and I a good upbringing. I know it could not have been easy having me at 22. Thank you for being a phenomenal mother to Tarik, Menelik and I and the countless cousins, friends and children who you have mothered over the years.

Moreover, truth be told I was not the easiest person to deal with from ages 10-18. I was very feisty, so I have to tell her thanks for putting up with me and not putting me out lol. It takes a woman with intestinal fortitude to deal with me long term hahaha.

I think back to the few miscarriages you had when I was a child, the loss of your brother under tragic circumstances when you were twenty eight. I remember you getting that call that morning and waking up with you in the wee hours of the morning in Ewarton. To this day I’m baffled as to how you held it together. Seeing how gracefully you dealt with the death of Grandpa in 2011 really had a lasting effect on me.

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HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to Mommy, my Grandmas (Happy birthday and Happy Mothers' Day Grandma!!!), my aunts (Happy birthday Aunty Marcia!!!) who have all been integral to my development and maturation and to all the mothers out there,  especially the mothers of my friends and paramours (past, present and future).

Things Stace says: (For more on 'shit Jamaican mothers say')

"If you don't plan, you plan to fail!"

"There are four things that cometh not back, sped arrow, spoken word, past life, neglected opportunity."

"If you are going to look down on anybody, make sure it's because you are helping them up."

Posted on May 11, 2013 .