Loving Children of Incarcerated Parents


I have the pleasure of serving on the National Advisory Board of an organization that I want you to know about.  The work that they do, is one of the most important and critical tasks of our community.  That work is loving, affirming, and making visible those in our communities who are often forgotten.

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Foreverfamily's mission is to surround children with one or more parent who is incarcerated with the love of family and to provide regular monthly visitation trips to prisons in GA.  

Ultimately that is the work of 50 Shades of Black and as its creator, I want to align it with other individuals and organizations that are about that mission.  Even before 50 Shades of Black was created, I've so gratefully served Foreverfamily and want you to know about the work they do so that you may support us too.

This weekend was our board retreat in Tampa, FL and it was the pleasure of 50 Shades of Black to provide the youth who joined us with another gift of affirmation because they too are indeed BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE.


creator of 50 Shades of Black


Posted on August 4, 2013 and filed under activism, community, family.