The Gospel According to Ojo: Reflections from the 3rd Open Shoot

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It brought me great joy to be a part of such a great movement of progressive creative consciousness. In an industry filled with egos and territorial niches, I uniquely smiled in finding a diverse camaraderie with fellow photographers by engaging our community with our gift for capturing powerful moments. The sheer volume of the AJC Decatur Book Festival help us raised new eyebrows and brought new smiles to a notion, we all have deep and diverse feelings about.

That weekend, we collectively took 50 Shades of Black and Typical American Families from just being a verbal dialogue, to a physical engagement of confronting perceptions of social identity, while capturing it live and unscripted. From young to old, from the first shade to the 49th shade, the 3rd open shoot was a HUGE success that I was truly humble to be a part of.

-Jeremiah Ojo

(one of the 6 photographers chosen to be part of the 50 Shades of Black Open Photo shoot at art|DBF, the inaugural art and culture showcase within this year's Decatur Book Festival)

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Posted on September 10, 2013 and filed under community, skin tone.