In the   Arabic language  ,   Iman   (  Arabic  :    إِيمَان   ‎   ‘īmān  )   denotes " faith ".

In the Arabic languageIman (Arabicإِيمَان‎ ‘īmāndenotes "faith".

Remember that as this political environment becomes predictably even more reactionary, we will feel fear but that this fear can be overcome by reflecting on the history and experiences of Black and Brown people who have dug deep into their humanity and their faith to turn that fear into courage. Courage to be proud of who we are and who we can become, a courage to organize our communities to transform the society that devalues us, a courage to get through the daily difficulties of life by constantly remembering a vision of a better world and being willing to struggle to realize it. Let’s pray for peace but let’s also pray that we can feel the courage necessary to organize our communities to move beyond this culture of violence, this islamophobia, and this very system that has conferred a permanent criminal status on communities of color for far too long.
— Muhammed Malik

Artwork: Carlton Mackey (Creator of 50 Shades of Black)
Adapted from 1968 Civil Rights Poster
Collection of Civil Rights Archive/CADVC-UMBC

Posted on December 4, 2015 .