Jason Collins Tells Us How 'It Got Better'

As a part of the “It Got Better” video campaign, launched by Lexus in collaboration with the "It Gets Better" project, Jason Collins, the first openly gay baller to sign with an NBA team, recalls his journey from a life of struggle in the closet to a life of freedom after coming out last year in a Sports Illustrated feature.

And as expected, Collins heartfelt words paint an poweful portrait of a journey that not only left him standing in his own truth, but also wise enough to help others sturggling with their sexuality to live their truth as well. 

“In 2011 I started thinking about the rest of my life … thankfully I had a trainer and I saw online that he did an ‘It Gets Better’ video,” Collins says. “There were so many times that I heard parts of my story in his story. I sent him an e-mail and told him in the e-mail I was gay and that I needed someone to talk to about it. We sat on a bench and it was actually the first time I said the words out loud, ‘I’m gay.’”

“It felt so good to finally realize what it is to be myself. I didn’t have to, like, say I’m going on a fictional date with some girlfriend who doesn’t exist. I could take the mask off and see that everything was okay. I was still the same person, same mannerisms, same everything. I didn’t have to lie,” Collins added.

Check out his amazing "It Got Better" video below. 

Nicholas Harbor

Freelance Journalist, storyteller and blogger for 50 Shades of BLACK




Posted on June 6, 2014 and filed under activism, LGBT, Identity.