Colin Kaepernick - Skin Tone, Tattoos, Identity

Colin Kaepernick - Skin Tone, Tattoos, Identity

"AGAINST ALL ODDS" In yesterday's today's NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers was Colin Kaepernick.

'So she went to an agency, with the understanding that she was ineligible for a healthy, white baby because she had two of them.She told them she didn't care about race or health.The agency called back and alerted the Kaepernicks about a boy, half-black, half-white, born Nov. 3, 1987 to a 19-year-old from Milwaukee. He came to the Kaepernicks at 5 weeks old.'

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Have you ever wondered about (to yourself or out loud) Colin's ethnicity? Why do we find ourselves doing that? How are we changed once we know? How might the formation of his identity be impacted by the complexity of skin tone? How has our own? No need to ask the sex questions now, huh?

Carlton Mackey - Creator, 50 Shades of BLACK a project exploring both the complexities of sex(uality) and skin tone in the shaping of identity.

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