50 Shades of Black:  Love and Marriage

50 Shades of Black: Love and Marriage

Tomorrow we will proudly reveal our second special series of archived photos leading up to the release of the 50 SHADES OF BLACK book.  Each series is designed to offer a unique perspective of the project and to highlight the work of one of the project's contributors.  The title of the upcoming series is called LOVE AND MARRIAGE.  It features historic weddings photos from Africa, India, Korea, North America and includes a Chippewa wedding ceremony.  The series was inspired by the contemporary images of fusion and destination wedding photographer Ross Oscar Knight.

The series was uniquely curated to not only foster a dialogue between the work of Knight and these classic images, but to stimulate a conversation between the viewing audience as well.  Knight's images and commentary will serve to offer us more insight into the lives and narratives of the people in these historic images that go largely untold.  By bridging history with his contemporary work, we hope that these images together offer us more insight into our own lives and help us reflect more deeply on the intersection of love, sexuality, and skin tone in the shaping of our own identities.

We hope you join us and accept our invitation to share your stories with us.

-Carlton Mackey Creator, 50 SHADES OF BLACK

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