McDonalds leaves African ancestry out of bio for Lolo Jones

Like Lolo Jones or not, with as much as she is in the media and as much as she talks...about EVERYTHING in her personal life, by now there are just some things that we ALL know about her: that she is an evangelical Christian, that she had a rather tumultuous upbringing, that she is a virgin, and that she is of African descent.

At least I thought these things were universally accepted at this point.  But it looks like one of these is suddenly in question.

Don't ask me why I went to McDonalds, but I did.  When I got my drink, Ms. Jones was on the cup dawning her new role as a Sochi Olympic Bobsledder.  I turned the cup to read what they had to say and noticed something missing.

Photo by Carlton Mackey

Photo by Carlton Mackey

HUH?  Thinking that maybe what I thought all this time was wrong, I went to the net to look up other articles, sites, etc to get some clarity.  It was everywhere.  I decided to go to the source.  On the Official Website of Lolo Jones, there is a link to her official USA Track and Field profile.



I'm not trying to start a controversy, but I'm very curious why her African ancestry was left off of the cup.  Was this an accident, an oversight, the decision of McDonalds, at the request of Lolo?  Was it a "marketing" decision?  Does it matter?

I'm curious what you think.  Weigh in.  Let me know your thoughts.


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