Mexican, French Creole, Gang Interventionist: The Story of the Future Mayor of Inglewood

Mexican, French Creole, Gang Interventionist: The Story of the Future Mayor of Inglewood

I am a 2nd generation gang member born in raised in Inglewood, California. I'm Mexican mixed with French Creole. My father is born in Mexico but DNA says he is Aztec, Mayan, Greek, Russian & British. My mother's father is Mexican and her mother is French Creole (Broussard family: French, German, African Islander, and Magician Chinese) (DeRouen Family: Cajun which is French and Native American plus African and Spanish). 

I grow up in California not being excepted by the black girls because I wasn't black enough. I wasn't excepted by Mexicans because I didn't speak spanish.

I started junior high school and became a gang member from a well know Mexican Gang in Los Angeles area. Being mixed was a little complicated because to every one I was every thing BUT Mexican and Creole (LOL). To the world, I was Cambodian, Puerto Rican, Mulatto, etc. As I explored my heritage I learned to accept myself as a Mexi-Creole. I'm proud of my mexican blood AND very excited about my rich culture of being Creole. My Dad side gives me spanish and bomb Mexican food and the integrity of the Mexican belief of being a woman of your word. Mom side gives me the enjoyment of broken french, bomb new Iberia style gumbo and boudin. Dancing to Zydeco music and knowing my DeRouen side came from Normandy France to Quebec then to Avery island to New Iberia Louisiana. 

I'm blessed to survive the gang life. I earned my BA Degree, got married, was blessed with twins and a daughter. I am a community activists and in the future will be Mayor of Inglewood.
~Reina Carrillo
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