TRINITY: Blessed, Black, Beautiful

Words by Nina Brewton | Photo by  Creative Silence

Words by Nina Brewton | Photo by Creative Silence

I won't ask for forgiveness for embracing my Blackness. I will not put it on the shelf for you to gaze upon as a novelty

Deep within my Melanin is grace beyond measure. My blackness, used against me for so long that the beatings nearly broke me

I won't apologize for owning my femininity 
I am Mother Earth, as I was created by the Creator to bring forth life anew

My hands, loving and nurturing, cradling hearts that have been broken
My smile, the sun, replenishing each seed in a cold and dark world

I will not apologize for my spirituality
I am a Believer
I am a Lover
I be the Light, as His Light shines from within

Made perfect by His Love
Sinner, yet righteous through He who created this...

Born of spirit
Reborn by the Spirit

I am a trilogy
My story three fold
I am a deity
Made in the image of The Trinity

Holy Spirit 
Alive within me for the world to see

I will not beg your pardon for loving all of humanity. I will love as God loves me
Spreading Peace, Love and Light, Divinity Alive in threes


Nina Brewton is the newest member of the 50 Shades of Black Blog Team.  Visit each week for her personal reflections into womanhood, spirituality, black identity, and inspiration.

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