Questioning: Black Transexuals & Intersex People

Michael Quattlebaum Jr., better known by hir stage name Mykki Blanco, is an American rapper, performance artist, and poet.

Michael Quattlebaum Jr., better known by hir stage name Mykki Blanco, is an American rapper, performance artist, and poet.

If one is attracted to intersex or transexual people, they are not technically bisexual. They classify as pansexual. Identity, is something that the individual has to adopt and communicate. 

In the video above are clips from the Underground Black Gay Ballroom Scene, of which there have been a growing number of participants since the 1970's. The Latex Ball in New York City is still the largest ball and attracts international participants who identify as straight from Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. In short, people come from all over to imitate the black boys who showed acts like Madonna how to "Vogue"    

This niche culture has been participating in the main stream for decades, and it is understandable that they've peaked some of the macho interests of even a traditionally homophobic culture like Hip Hop. Some weeks ago, a legendary Hip Hop DJ and producer of acts like Notorious B.I.G. and Big Daddy Kane named Mister Cee was profiled on New York's Hot 97FM radio station after being charged with engaging illegal prostitution in his home state. Because sexuality is something that can, but will not necessarily evolve, the acronym LGBTQ is the best representation of categories, and stands for (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Question). The tears and nerves of Mister Cee coming out as "Questioning" his sexuality are real events.

Shortly after the interview with Mister Cee Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Open Letter” went out to Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden, who refused to accept the resignation of Mister Cee, a DJ at the radio station who admitted to sex with transgender women. She says, “Mr. Darden, when you intervened this week, you helped to interrupt this practice. For a moment you made room to question this automatic reaction. A reaction that has life and death consequences for transwomen.”

Today the face of Hip Hop culture is changing as the raps represent the newest minority compelling tolerance from their minority peers. I'm not sure if Mister Cee can or will ever identify as pansexual, but perhaps Hip Hop can be the genre of the extreme minority for yet another generation. 

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