This Afro-Cuban Life: Cuba's vibrant Afro-Cuban community has been photographed by Dr. David LaFevor

50 Shades of Black creator Carlton Mackey is traveling to Havana, Cuba this summer to create a photo series on the "Being Black, Being Cuban: Health and Identity in Havana". 

Leading up to the trip, 50 Shades of Black wants to highlight the beauty, complexities, and realities of Afro-Cuban history and culture as well as prominent figures in Afro-Cuban art and activism. 

Starting with this photo essay by Dr. David LaFevor of University of Texas Arlington. This 12 piece photo series, taken over the last decade, shows a small part of how Afro-Cuban culture and people have made the best of difficult material circumstances. 

Dr. LaFevor captures a mosaic of Cuba's vibrant and beautiful community. The essay focuses on the evolution of race, the expression of race as more than white and black, and current race issues. 

The following three pieces from his photo exhibit glimpses into the dynamic culture in Cuba. To view the rest of Dr. LaFevor's photo essay and read the background on each piece, click here

Posted on May 9, 2016 .