BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE is proud to partner with The Lioness Project

BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE is proud to partner with The Lioness Project

Normally when you hear about lions the first initial thought that you have is in regards to the “king of the jungle”. However; the truth is that the lioness is the backbone when it comes to the pack but still the most underrated yet essential element. She is actually the one that does all of the hunting and she keeps everything in order but when you read about lions in National Geographic or other prominent magazines or newspapers her role if often underplayed.

So initially when I thought about doing this project the word “Lioness” instantly popped into my head. It didn’t take a mound of pondering but what I pictured in my head completely tied into what a lioness represents. My vision was to unleash the raw beauty behind the the female mind and body. I wanted to tap into the inner strength that we often forget that we have because it gets smothered out by hardship, broken hearts and despair.

We carry the hopes of tomorrow in our womb yet we still tend to look at our stretch marks like flaws instead of beauty marks. We let the media tell us that the shade of our skin is too fair or too light and that the texture of our hair is not “good”. And we go through great measures to correct and fix something that was never broken to begin with.

I wanted to capture it all and hear the untold stories that ultimately needed a platform. So I launched “The Lioness Project”—initially I just wanted to do nude photos of women in all shapes and show the beauty behind that but there had to be more to it. That’s when the emails started coming in from women from coast to coast sharing their stories of strength and empowerment that sometimes brought me to tears. I think that was my sign—well at least I took it as a sign. Why?

Well because at that time I was going through my own personal struggles and I cannot explain how much reading other women’s stories gave me the push I needed. It pushed me out of my own rut and motivated me to ultimately being the driving force behind this project. Was it accepted by everyone when I told people what I wanted to do? Nope. Some people looked at me like I had lost my mind but to be honest—it’s documented that in history most of the people who others thought “had lost their mind” ended up being trailblazers. There has to be someone fearless enough to rock the boat. I’d rather apologize later than to ask for permission any day and that’s the truth!

The love that I have received since I started this has been amazing not to mention that the support that I got from BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE —which meant so much to me on various levels.

This whole experience has been beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. Just the pure fact that women trust me enough to share their bodies and their stories is humbling within itself.

Maya LeRoux

Maya LeRoux

I’m really hoping to leave my footprints on the sands of time and set a standard that says “Real Women Look Like This” and either way we are FUCKING AMAZING. I want women to scream at the top of every mountain and never forget what you have been through doesn’t define who you are nor does it pave the way to where you’re going.

You are a lioness.

Bottom line.

-Creator of the Lioness Project

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Posted on June 6, 2014 .