Ross Oscar Knight Brings 50 Shades of Black, Ethics, & Art Together at Emory University

I have the great pleasure of working with amazing artists on a daily basis.  As the Director of the Ethics & the Arts Initiative at the Emory University Center for Ethics, I have the pleasure of working with artists across artistic disciplines whose work (like this project) address social issues and is used as a vehicle for positive social change.  50 Shades of Black has also exposed me to an entirely new set of  talented artists and has allowed me to build personal relationships with them that I otherwise may not have been able to build.

This isn't exactly the case though with Ross Oscar Knight, though.  Based in Atlanta, but with suitcase packed to travel to any part of the world at any given time, Ross and I go back to pre 50 Shades of Black days.  To have him play an intimate role in its development and future means a lot to me.

Tonight both worlds come together with Ross because he is a featured artist for both the  Ethics & the Arts Program and for 50 Shades of Black.  His exhibit Beauty in the Face of Destruction is a set of breath taking images taken in post earthquake Haiti.  Having returned from a second trip to Haiti less than 2 weeks ago, Ross will have fresh insight and (I'm sure) renewed zeal for the country and the people who embraced him while he was there.  Learn more about Ross on our Featured Artist Pages.

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Posted on April 4, 2013 and filed under art, blog, travel, education.