Say Hello to Maya Leroux: 50 Shades of Black Welcomes New Blogger


Born May 7th 1982 in South East Washington DC, Maya has always had a knack for visual arts, music, writing and community organizing mainly centered around overall wellness of Lesbians and women of color. Since then she has served as a board member on two lesbian based non-profit organizations and is currently working on the publication of her first book. She also previously owned a small business geared to putting women back into the workforce as well as a small photography business that focused on giving visibility to lesbians and their family elements as she saw them as being lost, forgotten and wrongly perceived in society as a collective whole.

Although Maya is her birth name LeRoux is a name that she has taken upon herself to represent her and the person that she feels that she has involved into. LeRoux is a French originated name whose soul urge number 5 states that those with this name are “dynamic, intelligent, visionaries who are versatile and able to make constructive use of freedom while fighting not to be constricted and by rules and conventions” She ultimately hopes to inspire and uplift those who are in need of it and hopes to do that through the power of words and visual artistries. 

Tune in as she invites you to be a reader in every chapter of her life. Turn the page, bookmark and share with a friend. Words are meant to be shared and they never die even when the writer has moved on.

Bless. Maya LeRoux

Posted on January 15, 2014 and filed under blog, LGBT, personal stories.