Solange - 'Cash In' Fan Video (An Ode To Blackness, Femininity and Solange)

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They say birds of a feather flock together, and when it comes to creative weirdos, those birds flock together, have a few drinks, and come up with some pretty amazing and artsy ideas.

That's exactly the case when it comes to SoMAF (Some of My Artsy Friends), a new multi-media collective for writers, filmmakers, designers, artisans, musicians and artists. Inspired in name and creative spirit by the lyrics of music icon, Erykah Badu and her song "Apple Tree," the SoMAF collective is unvieling several passion projects this year, ranging from music videos to short films to online shows and any other creative outlet they can get their physical and digital hands on.

The first passion project to come from this young group of artsy friends is a tribute video to Solange's Saint Heron track "Cash In," created by filmmaker and 50 Shades of BLACK friend Chase Simmons.

"This video is a fan/love letter to Solange, Saint Records, & all of the artist of Saint Heron," says Simmons about the video, which features a trio of black women, all of whom are suffering from their own form of the blues, bringing a little sunshine - and homoeroticism - into each other's lives as they throw a party full of guys, sorrel, and impromptu singing in the forest, in spite on all of their worries. 

Check out the video below, including a few cameos from yours truly, a proud SoMAF tribe member. ;-).


Nicholas Harbor

Freelance Journalist, Storyteller and Blogger for 50 Shades of BLACK

Posted on February 14, 2014 and filed under music, art.