"Here is a strange and bitter crop..."

54 years ago today one of my favorite singers of all time died from complications in her lungs due to heart failure. Her name was Billie Holiday...and one of these days, before the Lord calls me on, I am going to finish the script I started working on over 10 years ago. I felt that "Lady Sings the Blues" did not capture the true essence of what I feel in my soul when I listen to Billie sing. It is a dream of mine to remake her story...and I know that dreams come true. 

In honor of her death and as a direct reflection of the latest tragedies in the news that has the nation stirring, I wanted to post a video of the anti-lynching song made famous by Queen Holiday. I won't go too deep. The song speaks for itself. And even though song was written during a time long past, its themes are clearly faced in the struggles we as a People of Color still face today. 

"Strange Fruit", ladies and gentlemen.  

Be blessed. 

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Posted on July 17, 2013 .