BRIDGING THE GAP is a series and partnership between 50 Shades of Black and I Love Ancestry that highlights the stories of an American Indian, Black American, or an Afro Native and bears witness to the historical alliances between both communities. 


African Native Americans or Black Indians?  People who call themselves "Black Indians" are people living in America of African-American descent with significant heritage of Native American Indian ancestry and with strong connections to Indian Country and its Native American Indian culture, social, and historical traditions. Black Indians are also called African Native Americans, Black American Indians, Black Native Americans and Afro Native Americans .


BRIDGING THE GAP: Contemporary Realities, Our Ancestral Past, & Our Liberated Future

The personal stories that make up this series are  by the creator of I Love Ancestry, in partnership with 50 Shades of BLACK and feature contemporary stories of people like YOU from around the world.

 Sexuality, Skin Tone, Black Identity


After each BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE empowerment workshop on a college  campus, we create space for community dialogue to reflect on the shared experience and to offer up lessons learned as a result of being invited into our unique approach of exploring and affirming self identities. These are a few of the personal stories shared. 

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou